Ice or Heat? Which is Right for My Injury?

Ice or Heat? Which is Right for My Injury?  Physicians sometimes recommend ice for injuries and at other times tell you to keep an injury warm.  How do you know what is the right treatment for you?  “It is important to first pay attention to observations that you have made about your own injuries in […]

Tennis Player Reviews Custom Products

Tennis Players Reviews Custom Products “As a petite adult tennis player, it is very challenging to find quality products to support various body parts prone to injury so I was delighted when my physical therapist recommended BodyHelix. I had the opportunity to go directly to the site to have a custom fitting. Krystal and Sara […]

Runners Need Knee Support

Runners Need Knee Support Endurance athletes are no strangers to overuse injuries. These can include stress fractures and shin splints or other injuries that may involve the muscles of the hip, thigh, and leg. Today, though, we want to focus our attention on the all-important knee.  The stress that runners put on their knees can […]

How Do You Treat Tennis Elbow?

How Do You Treat Tennis Elbow? “Tennis elbow” is the common name for lateral epicondylitis and occurs when you have tendonitis –  swelling and pain of the tendon in your elbow. As the name implies, it affects tennis players frequently but can also affect anyone who plays sports or other activities that require tight gripping such as […]

5 Tips for Athletes Who Are Sidelined Due to An Injury

5 Tips for Athletes Who Are Sidelined Due to An Injury If you’re an athlete who’s out of commission because of an injury, you may worry about maintaining your fitness level during the lost training time. The truth is, you likely will experience some loss of conditioning in your primary sport. Studies show muscle mass […]

Major Differences Between Strains and Sprains

Major Differences Between Strains and Sprains Most anyone with an active lifestyle has likely suffered from a hamstring strain, calf strain, ankle sprain or some other type of strain and/or sprain injury at some point. It’s important to understand your particular type of injury and its healing process so that ultimately, you can learn how best to support and accelerate the healing process. In this article, […]

Family Steals Knee Helixes

Family Steals Knee Helixes “I really like your knee products. My family keeps stealing them.”Thomas H This review says it all. This review was by Thomas who has ordered three of our knee sleeves because he found them beneficial and obviously so did his children. Good thing he ordered three! As any parent knows, children frequently help themselves to […]

Thoughts on Body Helix from 17-time Grand Slam Winner

Thoughts on Body Helix from 17-time Grand Slam Winner Mark Woodforde, nationally ranked tennis player and 17-time grand slam champion, raves about Body Helix Compression  after he sustained a thigh injury. Mark took it upon himself to shoot us a raving review of the full thigh compression sleeve. Below are his thoughts on the product. If […]

Customer Service Review

Customer Service Review We made a mistake and sent the wrong product to Norman Gordon.  Mr. Gordon contacted us. Although we wish we had not made the mistake, we were delighted to receive the following note: