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low back extensor muscle strain tennis/pickleball elbow  ankle/foot injuries I am delighted to have a guest blogger for this edition, Lizl Kotz, who offers her

Fred Robinson | Tennis Tips


Have you ever had a conversation with yourself that took place inside your head? Some people listen to their internal dialogue every minute of every



For an athlete, nothing is more frustrating than frequent re-injuries.  Injuries can be varied or recurring, nagging ones.   In this week’s blog, let’s consider the


Building Your Personal Winning Team!

Building your personal winning team. The foods and drinks we consume, the people with whom we come into contact, and our activities could be said


Arthritis – Why exercise matters.

Those suffering from arthritis want and need to get back to the things that bring them joy. However, many are inactive by choice – fearing


Moving Through Arthritis

Here we are in the middle of winter. Our friends who suffer from arthritis tell us that this cold weather causes flare-ups. Let’s review ways


This is the way.

Inside today’s blog: This is the way. The elusive chasm that sets elite athletes apart Perform when you think you can’t For the love of

Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness – Test Your Mettle

Mental Toughness – Test Your Mettle Three ways to improve mental toughness – not easy, but worth it! What tips your wagon? The only bad


The Mirror Effect.

The Mirror Effect. How to redirect bully antics in sports and life The Mirror Effect Don’t play in their sandbox How to tell if your



Healthspan Live longer. Live healthier. In today’s blog, we’ll consider tips for living longer and healthier lives. Healthspan over Lifespan? Grocery Tour Guide The 3


Top 5 Tips For Back Pain.

Top 5 Tips for Back Pain This week, for your wellness neural-cultivating pleasure, we’re covering back pain and steps for you to Move Through It.

Injury Management


Blog: Top 5 tips for elbow pain In this week’s wellness blog, let’s explore the elbow.   Tennis elbow pain – not just for tennis players


Knee Pain and Inflammation?

Knee Pain and Inflammation The bodyhelix team scours hundreds of sources to bring you reliable, science-based information.  As a salutogenic company, our primary directive is


Stand up. Be heard.

Fred Robinson, Tennis Champion. NC Tennis Hall of Fame.



Maximize Your Training In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following: Salutogenesis – a new approach to an old wisdom The pathogenesis paradigm Neural cultivating –


Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following: The Great American Sugar Paradox Sugar lessons learned the hard way Creating a healthy choice for



Blog: JUST DON’T DO IT!   How to avoid the boondoggle In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following: King of Language Boondoggle 21st Century Sports Science


Made In America!

Made in America. The American Dream Genuineness Our Journey The American Dream My early years in North Carolina were during the last two pivotal decades


Beyond The Tribe.

BEYOND THE TRIBE The Bizarre World of Fred! In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following: Tribe realization Tribe exploration Tribe expansion Tribe realization Have you


Why do some athletes have fewer injuries?

Why do some athletes have fewer injuries? In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following: Rehab or Prehab Your Litmus Test Sleep + Hydration Carefully crafted


Why do some athletes choke more than others?

Blog:  Why do some athletes choke more than others? In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following: The Big Gag Time Travel Choking and Injuries Prevention and


Breaking News Is Broken!

Breaking News Is Broken! The athlete’s media burden For the love of money Media shifts ‘process’ to ‘results’ thinking Meeting the media challenge This week


Mental Meltdowns

Mental Meltdowns In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following.  New York Meltdown No whine with your cheese S.A.R.A.H. Regret or Regroup Through A Glass Darkly


Lifetime sports are precious.

Lifetime sports are precious. In today’s blog, we’ll examine the precious benefits of playing sports and the painful detriments of not being active.   Topics include:


Binary Thinking: Is it a Benefit or Bias?

Binary Thinking: Benefit or Bias? Key topics: Benefits Biases Zooming in Cultivate Spectrum Thinking Benefits Binary thinking, also known as dichotomous thinking, happens when complex


Specificity: Can it slow your progress?

Specificity: Can it slow your progress?  The categories we are working through this summer are: Mindset  Injuries Energy Specificity Today’s blog will cover these themes:



Blog: Injury Hacks! How to minimize your injuries.  The categories we are working through over the coming weeks are: Mindset  Injuries Energy Specificity Today’s blog will


The Underrated Weapon of Champions

The underrated weapon of champions The categories we are working through over the coming weeks are: Mindset   Injuries Energy Specificity Last week I covered course



Today’s blog will cover these topics: Stretch the paradigm into a paragon The Generation Effect Bewilderment – A champion’s best friend  How many times have


What smart people know about multitasking.

Today’s blog will cover these topics: What smart people know about multitasking. Are we wired for multitasking? How does multitasking impact sports performance?  Tactics for



A Champion’s Self-Talk Today’s blog offers winning focus techniques. Belief is not enough Building the mental skillsets Learning the language Self-Talk fails and corrections Cues


Keys To Improving Your Performance

Keys to Improving Your Performance Change your past to change your future Today’s blog contains relevant research that can be used to enhance your performance


Hard-Wired For Sports.

Emotional Behavior + Awareness Thinking = Inspiring Results This week’s blog is one of my favorite areas of interest. It’s about insanity, self-worth, and awareness.

Neural-Cultivating/Game Theory

  In This Week’s Blog: Game Theory   Game Theory Finite and Infinite Games Finite and Infinite Mindsets Tennis – A Finite Game with an

Neural-Cultivating, Emotional Intelligence

Neural-Cultivating, Emotional Intelligence A breath of fresh air Balancing the predictable with the unknown Ways to develop Emotional Intelligence Advancing humanness  “You take people as

Elite Coaching – Inside Your Mind

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” -Coach John Wooden Elite Coaching In today’s blog you will discover: 🔵  A gauge

Neural-Cultivating/Happy Is Humorous

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats Neural-Cultivating, Happy is humorous. Our 120-bit brain I

Neural-Cultivating/Happy Is Smart!

Tips in this week’s blog: Happy is Smart The Most Important Decision We Will Ever Make Einstein’s Two Magical Life Tenets The Black Hole of

Bio-Cultivating, Microdosing

Bio-Cultivating, Microdosing “If you seek average results, pursue those that advise you to use your Common Sense. If you seek extraordinary results, run like hell

Bio-Cultivating, Energy Systems

Bio-Cultivating, energy systems “What gets measured gets managed.” What you can learn from this week’s blog: Personal FRED FLOPS! Who does this stuff? Benefits from

Anti-Aging Secrets: Live Healthy, Live Longer.

Anti-Aging Secrets: Live Healthy, Live Longer.   RATED BLOG – AA (Athletic Audience)Health, Science, Performance Enhancing Language, Athletic Audience Advised This week my treasure hunt


Bio-Cultivating Learn    Act    Share Are You Being Hijacked? Bio-Cultivating/Microbiome.   Brain-Gut Microbiome Connection: RATED BLOG – AA (Athletic Audience)Health, Science, Performance Enhancing Language,


Bio-Cultivating Learn    Act    Share Bio-Cultivating Performance Enhancing Knowledge Bio-Cultivating, in simple terms, brings you powerful health insights and free resources to foster clarity

Leaner and Healthier: Part One

  Leaner and Healthier: Part One   One of the most important things to remember is that you are surrounded by people who care about

Fred Says…… True or False?

Fred Says…… True or False? Question #6 Answer #6 Question #5 Answer #5 Question #4 Answer #4 Question #3 Answer #3 Question #2   Answer

Time Travel: Their Most Powerful Advantage

  Time travel: Their most powerful advantage.   Yes. Actually, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal, and many other professionals, are using Time Perspective training in

All I Want for Christmas is Body Helix!

All I Want for Christmas is Body Helix! Give them what they really want! Our high-quality compression products and face masks are the perfect gift

Body Helix Customer Saves a Life

Body Helix Customer Saves a Life   Mark Vines is an American tennis player who has been lucky enough to play in singles and doubles

Which is the Right Face Mask for You?

Face Masks: Unveiling the Right One for You The Value Behind Today’s Masks With the advent of modern medicine, we understand how germs can give rise to


Holiday Gift Guide

Here are some great gift ideas for the active person on your list  As a matter of fact, these come personally recommended from Fred Robinson,

Fred Robinson | Tennis Tips


A partnership is born Body Helix and its founder, Fred Robinson, are excited to announce a new partnership with the Time Value of Tennis YouTube


The Benefit of Injuries

  The Benefit of Injuries Did you do a double-take on the title of this post?  I know it sounds crazy, but there are benefits


Fred’s Favorite Body Helix Products

Fred’s Favorite Body Helix Products Body Helix all began because I strained a hamstring and it wasn’t getting any better.  After playing for months with

Injury Management

4 Reasons You Need a Helix in Your Life

4 Reasons You Need a Helix in Your Life   1. COMPRESSION WORKS Research shows a drastic decrease in pain sensation when compression is applied to injuries.


Fuel for the Mind: Book Recommendations

  Fuel for the Mind: Book Recommendations I go through books like most people go through coffee.  Therefore, if you have been following along with


It’s All About Your Target

  It’s All About Your Target This video is an “oldie but goodie.” Several years ago, I sat down with longtime friend, Brent Abel of


Biceps and Triceps Injury Management

Biceps and Triceps Injury Management Please Note: We are always careful not to give medical advice.  Please seek a medical evaluation for severe or prolonged

Fred Robinson | Tennis Tips

3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Endurance

After reading my first post on Mental Endurance and watching Roger Federer’s hitting session, you should have a quick glimpse at your attention span.  If


Parents Corner: Interview with Shalon Morris

Shalon Morris is a  busy mom of three children. She has been married to her husband, Michael, for 16 years. They have 3 children, all who participate in sports


Fred’s Favorite Tools for Muscle Fatigue

Training equals getting beat up and extreme training means getting pounded all the time!  I have always been a believer in taking care of myself. 

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations: Shakes and Hydration

Product Recommendations: Shakes and Hydration   Training hard requires you to replenish what your body has lost.  Protein shakes and hydration supplements are a necessity

Fred Robinson | Tennis Tips


For many years, I have asked my tennis acquaintances and students these three simple questions, which apply to many sports and life endeavors:


How Sever’s Disease Affects Young Athletes

A disease with a name similar to “severe” might sound daunting, but Sever’s disease is a fairly common disorder caused by inflammation of growth plates


A New Twist on New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from the team at Body Helix! You’ve likely been bombarded recently with commercials and social media posts encouraging you to join the

Injury Prevention

Tips for avoiding injury in young athletes

If your kid plays an organized sport, odds are they’re either a) running around between 15 different sports/activities or b) so busy with the demands


5 Stretches to Help Shoulder Alignment

In a society that requires office workers to spend long hours in front of a computer, poor posture and shoulder alignment are becoming more and


Sitting All Day Can Equate to Shoulder Pain

Many back pain sufferers struggle with what’s causing their pain, not realizing that extensive sitting each day could be the main culprit. In fact, according

Injury Management

Recover and Recover Stronger

The physical pain one endures through an injury is only a small part of the pain that the injury inflicts. There is also emotional pain.

We Advocate for Change.

Wimbledon 2018 is coming to a close.  As tennis players and avid fans, we love to watch the grand slam tournaments. The pomp, the circumstance,


High Top Ankle Helix

Movement is complex, to say the least. Sensory input and output must happen in order to create movement in our bodies. Our brains have the

Injury Management


Compression as a method of injury management has been around since the days of RICE (Rest Ice Compress Elevate).  Compression has been proven time and time


Injuries aren’t fun. Just ask Andy.

We are happy to have guest blogger Peter Fryer on the Body Helix blog today. Fryer is a longtime friend of Body Helix and author


Take Your Workout to the Wall

We’ve partnered up our friends at Health Perch to bring you some new exercises to spice up your workout.  Whether you’re short on space, time, or budget,


Cross-Train to Become a Better Athlete

Guest blogger, Lizl Kotz, of Lizl Kotz Performance shares some great insight into why you should try various sports and activities to help you stay

Injury Management

Aging in Sports

Body Helix is excited to have Guest Blogger, Candice Case, join us today.  Case is a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and CrossFit coach.  Read

Injury Management

Pain is the Body’s Voice

Most of us think of pain only as suffering. And not just suffering, but suffering in its most raw and physical form. Of course, this


Top Three Most Common Knee Injuries

Our knees take a beating. Whether you are walking, jogging, or just doing every day activities you are putting pressure on your knees. This revealing

Hip Strengthening Exercises

Check out some of these strengthening tips from if you have hip pain or a hip injury. Hip injuries can drastically decrease quality of life,


Change Your Story, Change Your Game

Bob Litwin has made it his life, his work, his passion to help people live the very best stories of their lives, whether in sports, business,

WTA Hamstring and Thigh Injury Pandemic

Injuries are on the rise in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and outdated methods of treatment are no longer sufficient for today’s professional tennis players.

Injury Management

A Psychologist’s Take on Overcoming Injuries

We recently caught up with psychologist, Neal Newman, Ph.D. about the mental aspects of working through an injury.  As an athlete, you will no doubt experience injuries.  However,


How Leading Ourselves Evolves into Leading Others

Today, we welcome guest blogger Carlos Salum, leadership performance strategist and professional tennis coach.  Salum, founder of Salum International Resources, has helped world-class tennis players


The knee sleeve that doesn’t slip

“Testing a new knee brace from Body Helix. Gotta admit, it does a great job. Had some problems with lateral movement in my league match


Tennis Pro Shares Tricks of the Trade

Tennis players – this one’s for you!  Guest Blogger, Pender Murphy, serves up his top lessons learned during his many years on the court. Murphy

Offering Custom Products

“As a petite adult tennis player, it is very challenging to find quality products to support various body parts prone to injury so I was


Runners Need Knee Support

Endurance athletes are no strangers to overuse injuries. These can include stress fractures and shin splints or other injuries that may involve the muscles of


How Do You Treat Tennis Elbow?

“Tennis elbow” is the common name for lateral epicondylitis and occurs when you have tendonitis –  swelling and pain of the tendon in your elbow. As the

Family Steals Knee Helixes

Family Steals Knee Helixes “I really like your knee products. My family keeps stealing them.”Thomas H This review says it all. This review was by

Body Helix for Tennis Players

Body Helix for Tennis Players   You know the drill, though, even if you are injured – you push on and you keep playing. You

Customer Service Review

We made a mistake and sent the wrong product to Norman Gordon.  Mr. Gordon contacted us. Although we wish we had not made the mistake,


Compression for Ankle Injuries

With minor acute ankle injuries the usual first step in management is the use of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation). The Ankle Helix provides


An In-Depth Look Into Patella Tendonitis

“-itis” means inflammation, so tendonitis means inflammation of a tendon. Patellar tendonitis refers to the body’s normal inflammatory response when excessive stretch or repetitive use,


Which One Should You Choose?

Selection of the correct Helix will maximize the benefits of compression The Full Knee Helix is the preferred Helix if you have suffered any major knee

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