Bio-Cultivating, Microdosing

  “If you seek average results, pursue those that advise you to use your Common Sense. If you seek extraordinary results, run like hell away from those that advise you

Bio-Cultivating, Energy Systems

“What gets measured gets managed.” What you can learn from this week’s blog: Personal FRED FLOPS! Who does this stuff? Benefits from Resistance and Endurance training. The differences between Anabolic

Holiday Gift Guide

Here are some great gift ideas for the active person on your list  As a matter of fact, these come personally recommended from Fred Robinson, founder of Body Helix, himself. 

Fred’s Favorite Tools for Muscle Fatigue

Training equals getting beat up and extreme training means getting pounded all the time!  I have always been a believer in taking care of myself.  Even with this said, though,

Why You Should Switch Up Your Exercise Routine

If we do the same motion over and over again, two things happen: 1. Imbalances develop from overuse. 2. The musculoskeletal system adapts, and your strength, flexibility, and endurance plateau.