Knee Pain | Symptoms, Causes, and Management

Knee Pain | Symptoms, Causes, and Management This week’s blog on knee pain, symptoms, causes, and management, is brought to us by my colleague and friend, Andrew Puckett. In addition

Arthritis – Why exercise matters.

Those suffering from arthritis want and need to get back to the things that bring them joy. However, many are inactive by choice – fearing worsening symptoms upon movement. The

Moving Through Arthritis

Here we are in the middle of winter. Our friends who suffer from arthritis tell us that this cold weather causes flare-ups. Let’s review ways to relieve the pain of

Knee Pain and Inflammation?

Knee Pain and Inflammation The bodyhelix team scours hundreds of sources to bring you reliable, science-based information.  As a salutogenic company, our primary directive is your wellness. We place your

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