Mental Toughness – Test Your Mettle

Three ways to improve mental toughness – not easy, but worth it! What tips your wagon? The only bad workout Don’t exceed the feed limit The golden nugget of failure

The Mirror Effect.

How to redirect bully antics in sports and life The Mirror Effect Don’t play in their sandbox How to tell if your opponent is intentionally making bad calls They’re everywhere. Bullies.

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions.

Blog: How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions! The secret is setting your RAS. Here we are in 2022! Many of us are making new fitness resolutions. Why do some


Blog: Healthspan Live longer. Live healthier. In today’s blog, we’ll consider tips for living longer and healthier lives. Healthspan over Lifespan? Grocery Tour Guide The 3 Biggies for Healthspan  The

Top 5 Tips For Back Pain.

Blog: Top 5 Tips for Back Pain This week, for your wellness neural-cultivating pleasure, we’re covering back pain and steps for you to Move Through It. Topics include: Move along


Blog: Top 5 tips for elbow pain In this week’s wellness blog, let’s explore the elbow.   Tennis elbow – not just for tennis players What works & what doesn’t My

Knee Pain and Inflammation?

Blog:  Knee Pain and Inflammation The bodyhelix team scours hundreds of sources to bring you reliable, science-based information.  As a salutogenic company, our primary directive is your wellness. We place

Stand up. Be heard.

I’m weaving these thought threads together in today’s blog: North Star of Health Out of many, one Play or Ploy Save us from ourselves   Convergence This blog is seemingly filled


In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following: Salutogenesis – a new approach to an old wisdom The pathogenesis paradigm Neural cultivating – outcomes by design (+ holiday tips) Salutogenesis and

Sports Drinks

In today’s blog, we’ll consider the following: The Great American Sugar Paradox Sugar lessons learned the hard way Creating a healthy choice for Superhumans First, let me offer my congratulations

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