What smart people know about multitasking.

Today’s blog will cover these topics: Are we wired for multitasking? How does multitasking impact sports performance?  Tactics for controlling broad and narrow focus while competing Are we wired for


Blog: A Champion’s Self-Talk Today’s blog offers winning focus techniques. Belief is not enough Building the mental skillsets Learning the language Self-Talk fails and corrections Cues and rituals Three weeks

Fred Says…… True or False?

Question #6 Answer #6 Question #5 Answer #5 Question #4 Answer #4 Question #3 Answer #3 Question #2   Answer #2   Question #1   Answer #1  

Body Helix Customer Saves a Life

Mark Vines is an American tennis player who has been lucky enough to play in singles and doubles tournaments his entire life. Mark has been a friend of Body Helix

Which is the Right Face Mask for You?

Face Masks: Unveiling the Right One for You The Value Behind Today’s Masks With the advent of modern medicine, we understand how germs can give rise to pandemics like the COVID-19 crisis.

The Benefit of Injuries

Did you do a double-take on the title of this post?  I know it sounds crazy, but there are benefits to injuries.  Stick with me here…