What smart people know about multitasking.

Today’s blog will cover these topics: Are we wired for multitasking? How does multitasking impact sports performance?  Tactics for controlling broad and narrow focus while competing Are we wired for multitasking?  Multitasking is defined as performing two or more tasks simultaneously, switching back and forth from one thing to another. It seems like a great […]


Blog: A Champion’s Self-Talk Today’s blog offers winning focus techniques. Belief is not enough Building the mental skillsets Learning the language Self-Talk fails and corrections Cues and rituals Three weeks ago, I blogged about the most powerful technology in the world, language. It’s worth reading first if you missed it.  Belief is not enough First, […]

Control and Perfection – Not the Pathway of Champions

Control and Perfection – Not the Pathway of Champions Over my years of coaching, I have seen recurring themes that hamper an athlete’s dreams of success. In today’s blog I will focus on this shortlist: Controllers Perfectionists Change In sports (and life), controllers and perfectionists can play havoc with the morale of their teammates, the […]

Fred Says…… True or False?

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Body Helix Customer Saves a Life

Mark Vines is an American tennis player who has been lucky enough to play in singles and doubles tournaments his entire life. Mark has been a friend of Body Helix for almost 12 years, knowing founder Fred Robinson both personally and competitively. First introduced to Body Helix compression sleeves at a national tennis tournament, he […]

Which is the Right Face Mask for You?

Face Masks: Unveiling the Right One for You The Value Behind Today’s Masks With the advent of modern medicine, we understand how germs can give rise to pandemics like the COVID-19 crisis. It also helps dictate the response, specifically which masks are right for which users.  Below, we breakdown the value of the three most commonly used masks […]

The Benefit of Injuries

Did you do a double-take on the title of this post?  I know it sounds crazy, but there are benefits to injuries.  Stick with me here…

Fuel for the Mind: Book Recommendations

I go through books like most people go through coffee.  Therefore, if you have been following along with my other blog posts, you will likely see a lot of references to my reading.  Right now, though, I want to share a few of my “Fuel for the Mind” reads that I think can help you with […]