Evolving compression gear to better serve athletes, physicians and patients

When developing Body Helix (learn more about our story here), we listened to feedback from athletes and physicians and studied other compression products available on the market. During our research, we found many common complaints such as: compression sleeves and wraps are uncomfortable, they don’t stretch enough, they restrict the natural motions of the body. Additionally, it’s common for wraps to develop an unpleasant odor due to sweat and water becoming trapped within the fabric. We also found that, surprisingly, compression products on the market were using old technology – these were the same bandages our parents and grandparents wore.

We set forth to create a superior product with this information. During development, we searched far and wide for the most advanced fabrics on the planet. We knew the most commonly used fabrics wouldn’t keep up with the necessary evolution of compression products for athletes and patients. For example, neoprene only stretches to about 50 to 80 percent of its size. With this limited elasticity, neoprene products cut down on the full range of motion athletes demand.

After countless hours of fabric research and testing, we developed the first Body Helix wrap that solves the aforementioned problems. Our line of body conforming arm, knee, leg and back wraps stretch 330 percent – more than any other compression product on the market. This level of stretch is critical, as a compression sleeve should be able to outstretch any human movement required. A Helix also has maximum strain – it pulls back against the muscle to provide optimal compression and stays in place. Body Helix wraps have incredible snapback capabilities thanks to amazing elasticity.

Benefits of Body Helix


Body Helix’s Body-Form Technology incorporates the latest scientific and technological advances in fabric design. A Helix contours so well to the shape of the body that you can even see one’s muscles through it! All of our products offer uniform compression, are comfortable and effective to wear during all forms of exercise – so comfortable you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing a wrap.

Fast Drying

When was the last time you washed and dried your compression wrap? A Helix can be easily tossed into the wash each time after it’s been worn. Traditional compression wraps soak up sweat and take forever to dry, which oftentimes leads to unpleasant odors from bacteria becoming trapped within the fabric. A Body Helix wrap, on the other hand, doesn’t hold sweat or water so you’ll never have to worry about odors or health issues from trapped bacteria.

No Slip Guarantee

An athlete shouldn’t need to worry about compression wraps slipping during activities. Our Helix wraps have moisture-lock technology and will always stay in place, so, you won’t need to worry about readjusting their placement on your body.

At Body Helix, we’re dedicated to providing excellent, high quality compression products for everyday wear by athletes and patients. Unlike most brands, we use the best, scientifically researched fabrics to produce latex and petroleum-free compression wraps and sleeves that are more environmentally friendly. Discover the difference of a Helix today!