Body Helix is proud to offer a 20% discount to America’s veterans, active duty military and public servants. 

You are eligible to receive the discount with a .mil or .gov email address. After e-mail verification of your email, you will receive a notice of activation within 48 hours. Once active, the discounts will be applied at checkout.

Participating in this program is a privilege and there are guidelines that must be followed. Please note that as a buyer in this program, you must enter into an agreement between BodyHelix, LLC and you. Once accepted, you shall not sell BodyHelix product to any individual, department, team or unit for a profit. At no time should BodyHelix products be sold or diverted for resale in any environment whatsoever-including but not limited to Internet, swap meets or flea markets etc. A new sales agreement will need to be submitted with the first order of every calendar year.