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From the Collective… We are Body Helix!

This might be the most fun I’ve had with our Body Helix blog series. My “epiphany” this week was to pose a question to our collective team – to all of you. After all, together we are Body Helix. Let the assimilation begin. To resist is futile! Okay, we are not Borg. They were the bad guys. (I guess you can tell I’ve been watching old Star Trek episodes during the Pandemic.) Members of the Body Helix collective are definitely the good guys. Let’s advance the idea of inspiration.

I asked my readers, friends, family, colleagues, and especially the crazy ones – those living, doing, training, and changing the world – an interesting question.

Fred’s Question: Can you tell me what you ‘feel’ the difference is between motivating and inspiring?”

The responses below were thoughtful, meaningful, and substantive. I am captivated by the reflection and precision of these answers. I am appreciative and heartened. Thank you.


“Motivation is the desire to do something and inspiration is the spark that ignites that desire.”


“I think these two are related but not necessarily the same. Motivating someone encourages them to take some action, but there are many ways to encourage that action. You can motivate through fear or by using negative consequences associated with that action. Or you can motivate through positive reinforcement. Or you can motivate through inspiring people which I tend to think is the most powerful way. Inspiring people in my mind gets someone to take an action because they WANT to – not just because they earn a reward or punishment. Inspiration gets people to be self-motivated.”
-Tim K.


“Hi Fred, That’s a really interesting question. Having thought about it I would say it’s a difference between doing and thinking or feeling, or perhaps aspiring to do. In the world of tennis, I would be motivated to go out and practice the day before a match but would be inspired to want to play better by watching my favorite players on tv. I hope that helps!”


“Motivating is somewhat immediate and particular, while inspiration has duration and is transcendent.”

Follow-up Question: “How would you inspire the members of your company?”

“By example.”


“They are similar qualities but normally one acts to motivate one’s self (rather than another person), and one typically draws inspiration from the acts of others or is acting to inspire someone else rather than one’s self.”


“Very interesting difference like being positive vs optimistic! I feel that motivation is something that is inconsistent in that it requires an external force to keep you going, which means that in absence of that force, your motivation wanes. While inspiration is more like a fire in your belly that keeps you going from within. Lots of lectures online on the subject. Should be fun. Look forward to reading your blog.”


“It is tough to parse those two words, but I think of inspiring by setting examples and accomplishing things whereas motivating is helping others do the same.”


“I think when you motivate someone you are doing it on purpose to help them. I think when you inspire someone you are just being who you are and someone finds it inspiring.”
-Sweet Taylor


“Motivation can come from a coach, parent, or teacher, and challenges someone to excel.  Inspiration comes from within and challenges themselves to do what they have been told they can achieve and they believe they have the ability to take on the challenge.”


“Motivation is targeted usually at a specific person or group of people and with a specific goal. Inspiration is to me less specific and targeted, but far more powerful and long-lasting. It’s being aware of what’s possible in the world because another embodies something that you realize is possible for yourself… even if in a very different way, you internalize and then start motivating yourself to be your better self. It’s a good idea. One of my greatest feelings in life is to “be inspired”. I just love the feeling. I’ve always wanted to have this feeling in my work and life as much as possible. My favorite movies or books or music. It’s like fuel for a better world or appreciation of what we already have.”


“You can inspire others with your work ethic. Motivation comes after you’re inspired to model someone else, get a result, and want to keep going.”


“I believe motivation is what others do to help you achieve or create an incentive for an objective. Inspiration is more a self-drive that may be created by an outside force, that becomes a self passion. Tough one!  Further clarification may be: Motivation is what others pull out of you to get better results or to achieve specific goals/objectives. Inspiration is what others say or what you see that makes you excited & passionate about moving in a particular direction.”


“Personally, motivating is something that has to be continued. Inspiring can be a momentary thing.”

“My blink response is that motivation gets your body moving and inspiration gets your soul moving. But let me ponder.”


“Inspiration is the catalyst for motivation. One first becomes inspired then filled with motivation. One word that you may consider including on this topic is selflessness.

Inspiration <> Motivation <> Selflessness”


“Tough one, but a couple of thoughts are floating around in my head at the moment:

1. People places and/or things can motivate.

2. Only People inspire.

In terms of the difference in definition between these two terms, let me think about it and follow up with you. It’s in my head, but I’m not able to articulate it just yet.

(After a good night’s sleep)  A motive serves the effort needed to accomplish a goal.  An inspiration serves a particular mindset needed to endure the long and winding journey towards one’s aspirations.”

“When I think of motivation, I think of something that inspires action. When I think of inspiration, I think of something that promotes a new way of thinking or prompts ideas.”
-Sweet Sarah


“Inspiration precedes motivation. You first have to be inspired before you are motivated to pursue it.”


“Inspiring or inspiration seems to be initiated by someone or something. It is usually positive and creates a desire by the recipient to exceed expectations. Motivating or motivation can be internal to the person and can also be negative. For example, fear is a great motivator. That fear may be internal. Fear of losing can be a powerful motivator. Losing is negative and not necessarily inspiring. Fear of having your serve broken is a powerful motivator to get the first serve in!”  [*Coaches Note: Not sure Drew has missed a first serve in the past decade!]


“For me, Motivation is like a pep talk. Rah, Rah, Blah, Blah! It’s easy.  You can give up whenever you want, and more often than not, motivation is fairly shallow. We can spend our entire lives trying to motivate others who are not ready to receive.  Sometimes motivating is like charging the phone and watching it slowly run out of power until it needs another charge. Trying to motivate others can be exhausting. Being Inspired, however, is like bathing in the Sunlight. It’s a brilliance or energy that powers our soul infinitely. It warms our core and is always there.  Even on a rainy day, you know the Sun is still there waiting for the clouds to move away. No matter how big the storm you know inspiration will always be there for the rest of your life, warming your very essence. Once inspired you must hang onto it forever. It is hard to maintain inspiration but it’s worth the effort. Perhaps I can sum it up this way: The storm thunders and booms, ‘You cannot withstand my lightning, wind, and torrents of rain!’  A whisper comes back 40 days later, ‘But, I am the Sun.’ If we live inspired lives, we will inevitably inspire those around us – those who wish to be inspired.  And, that, my friend, will make all the difference. Let your Sun.. Shine.”
-Coach Fred

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As part of my ongoing learning, I read two outstanding books, “The Infinite Game” by Simon Sinek and “Deviate” by Beau Lotto” and highly recommend them. Here are also two YouTube video interviews with Tom Bilyeu and Simon Sinek, and Adam Grant, and a couple of thoughtful TED talks. Do with them what you will, I recommend all of these for great learning resources.


The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

Deviate by Beau Lotto


YouTube Videos:

Lead, Motivate, Inspire with Tom Bilyeu and Simon Sinek


You Must Adapt with Tom Bilyeu and Adam Grant


Ted Talks:

Are you a giver or a taker? With Adam Grant


Why good leaders make you feel safe. With Simon Sinek

Learn, Share, Inspire.


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