Preventing Blisters – A Few Tips for Better Foot Care!

Materials Count! 
Choose non-cotton socks that wick away moisture. High-grade fitted sports socks made of Polyester, Nylon, Spandex combinations feel great, and last longer. Stay tuned as Team Body Helix launches our first high-performance sock.

Attention to Foot Care!
We recommend having either a pumice stone or glass file, whichever you prefer: two abrasion levels—one for your feet (more coarse) and one for your hands.

Make a Change!
Change your socks midway if possible whenever they become moist. Team Body Helix is here to help you.

The Lacing Secret!
If you take a moment to lace your shoes properly, this can reduce your chances of getting blisters and twisting your ankles. It’s so simple, and yet we have observed over decades that so few athletes do this. When you finish working out, loosen your sneakers all the way down to the bottom. Pull the tongue up and leave them open. Two essential things happen when you do this simple act. First, your shoes will both air and dry out much better. Second, when you put them on, you will need to secure “ALL” the laces when putting them back on. It is the attention to detail that separates champions from amateurs. If this seems unimportant to you, then this might be telling.

Enjoy your sport and make healthy choices! And remember, Team Body Helix is here to help you “move through it.”

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