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Reusable Face Mask Products


How do face masks help in the prevention of virus spread?

Wearing a protection face mask helps slow the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Masks work to trap infected respiratory particles. A face mask, even a thin, comfortable mask, like our Ultra-Light Face Mask Helix, is useful in protecting others if you have contracted a virus. Incubation periods for viruses like COVID-19, can be long, therefore, we often don’t know if we’re sick. Wearing a mask will help reduce the virus spread from those that are asymptomatic.

We also include an added filter (disposable) with your Ultra-Light Face Mask Helix to ensure multiple layers of protection.

How to I properly wear and clean my mask?

Careful handling is critical to safe masking techniques. Improper handling of your mask, which includes touching the outside of the mask after use, can dislodge the virus. Be sure to hold the face mask by the side when you remove it and try not to contact the outside of the face mask.

In addition to properly handling it, it’s important to clean your mask regularly. Our easy-to-clean Ultra-Light Face Mask Helix is made of the same machine washable material we use for our compression gear. Simply throw it in the washing machine after each use and lay the mask flat to air dry.

Is it comfortable to wear a face mask all day?

While wearing a face mask for an extended period of time is definitely something we are all getting used to, we are proud to note that our super light-weight compression material serves as the best material for an easy-to-wear face mask. Our mask design focuses on all the important features for wearability: large over-the-ear design for maximum ear comfort, a cool and comfortable fabric, and a nose bridge wire that helps prevent glasses fog. When you have to wear a mask for hours, the Ultra-Light Face Mask Helix checks all of the boxes for long-term wear.

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