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The High Top Helix increases ankle proprioception, improves balance and enhances athletic movement. The price is $18.00 per pair.  

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The High Top Ankle Helix compression brace is advised in the uninjured athlete who is seeking to increase ankle sensory input resulting in increased balance and athletic performance. The sensation of the High Top Helix is similar to that experienced when wearing the old "High Top" tennis or basketball shoe.  The High Top Helix is not advised for acute ankle injury support.

It increases proprioception (knowing where you are in space), which is key for movement and body control.  Increasing this sensory input enhances balance control and athletic movement and reduces the risk for injury and re-injury.  This compression brace is also ideal for athletes with a diagnosis of foot drop.




Body Helix's medical-grade compression is in the range of 20- 30 millimeters of mercury (or mmHg in the scientific community.) The higher the number, the more pressure we feel.



Silky-smooth fabric feels good on your skin and won't pinch or bind. Our wraps/sleeves will stay in place due to the unique fabric that acts like an adherent between your skin and the product. You will have a perfect ergonomic fit.



Our closed-cell design prevents the absorption of sweat, odor, and bacteria growth. Our fabrics are machine wash and machine dry. Laundering won't affect the longevity of the material.

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