Wrist Helix




Product Uses

The Wrist Helix supports the wrist joint through a full range of motion.  Our fabric has a moisture activated adherence that allows positioning to cover the base of the hand and distal radial and ulnar tendons and ligaments.  It is ideal for a fixed amount of compression whereas our Adjustable Wrist Helix allows a variable degree of compression and our Full Wrist Helix supports the wrist and the metacarpal thumb joint.  Both the Wrist Helix and Adjustable Wrist Helix allow gripping of a tennis racquet or golf club.  

The Wrist Helix is a favorite for gym work, weight lifting, yoga, aerobics and racquet sports.


Proper fit is important

Please measure your wrist just distal to the radial head, the bony prominence on the outside of your wrist with the palm facing down.

Which size should I order if I am in between sizes?  

Challenges in placement occur if a user has large hands and a small wrist.  If you wear a size large man’s glove or your wrist measures >7.0 inches, you will want the Large.  All others will find the Regular is a comfortable fit.

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