Adjustable Shoulder Helix

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The Adjustable Shoulder Helix compression wrap is the ideal support for rotator cuff pain, frozen shoulder, biceps and triceps tendonitis, sub-deltoid bursitis, acromioclavicular (AC) joint pain, and injuries to the muscles of the upper arm.  It is an incredibly comfortable and effective product to wear after shoulder surgery.










Adjustable Strap Ensures Perfect Fit


Product Uses

The anatomy of the shoulder makes support and compression for the shoulder joint particularly hard to achieve.  Because the Adjustable Shoulder Helix stretches more than the human body there is no restriction of motion, allowing compression that is uniform and consistent through your entire range of motion.  This makes it an unrivaled choice for all sports in which overhead activity is routine such as tennis, volleyball, baseball, golf, and lifting to name but a few.

Our Adjustable Shoulder Helix is the product of choice if you have an injury to the muscles and tendons of your rotator cuff (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, teres minor), the muscles and tendons of your upper arm (biceps, triceps, deltoid), or the tendons of your chest muscles (pectoralis major and minor).

The warmth that this Helix provides can also be helpful if you have frozen shoulder, AC joint pain, subdeltoid bursitis, or arthritis of the shoulder joint.

The Adjustable Shoulder Helix is comfortable enough to wear every day, making it the industry choice if you have had rotator cuff surgery or shoulder replacement surgery.


Proper fit is important 

Adjustable Strap Ensures The Perfect Fit and Pressure!

Please measure the circumference of your bicep with your elbow bent and your bicep relaxed. 


Which size should I order if I am in between sizes?  

In general, leaner athletes prefer the smaller size.  All others prefer the larger size.





Customer Reviews

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Richard Holderness
Shoulder Helix

Great Product! Comfortable and supportive. I would buy it again.

Good product no support

So far fits well and gives good support. However Body Helix in the material enclosed with the brace and in the email about this review referred me to their “How To” webpage on how to use the brace. That page doesn’t exist. The link just goes to their main webpage, and the menu has no “How To” option, and if you dig down you can find a “Videos” page. However that page is blank and says “Coming Soon”. Why include a non-operative link? Thus decreases my confidence in any future purchases, and makes me think after sales support may not be a priority

Hi Kelly. Glad to hear you are pleased with our product. I want to empghasize sales support is very important to us. Our website issues developed when we switched to a different site with the hope of making a better user experience on our site. It is not to be yet but it will be. I hope you use the quality of our product as the indicator of our efforts.
Tom Parker

Michael Simonoff
Shoulder Compression Sleeve

Body Helix does an amazing job with the design and quality of their products. I own 4 different compression sleeves and could not be happier with the. As a company, Body Helix strives to please the customer. Great job, keep it up!


All our compression products have two options available: Max Compression and Ultra Light. What’s the difference?


MAX Compression is what we are known for. It comes in a variety of colors and is slightly thicker at 3.0mm in thickness. MAX excels in preventive support and active injury management alike.


Ultra-Light Compression is slightly thinner at 2.0mm in thickness making it perfect for preventative support. Ultra-Light only comes in the marine blue.

Stretch and Elasticity

We refer to this as Form Fit Technology. Body Helix believes the highest quality compression products can only be made with the highest quality material. We use a high-tech material that has more stretch and more elasticity than any other compression products on the market today. It stretches far more than the human body, allowing for full range of motion of any joint on which it is placed. Just as important, it also has far superior elasticity, allowing it to rebound as fast the joint or muscle and ensuring that it will always remain in contact with your body as you move, no matter how quickly and explosively.

Uniform medical-grade compression

Body Helix believes in form and function. Not only must our products look good, they must provide the most effective level of uniform compression for injury prevention and injury management, because we are committed to the science of keeping athletes active and helping them to Move Through It. We offer two levels of medical-grade compression. Our Max Weight firm medical grade 1 compression at 20-30mmHg and our Ultra-Light 2.0 moderate medical-grade 1 compression at 15-20mmHg. The incredible stretch and elasticity of our high-tech material coupled with our moisture activated adherence means that our compression sleeves do not need straps to keep them in place and can provide you with a uniform compression throughout.

Won't slide down

We refer to this as Moisture Activated Adherence. Body Helix believes that the highest quality compression products can only be made using the highest quality material. In the world of compression gear, any movement of the product means distraction from what is most important - focus and performance. Our proprietary material “locks” to your skin with moisture (sweat) ensuring that it will not slip, it will not slide down, it will not move other than to stretch with your body. You will realize just how “locked” it is the first time you wear it, when you need to take it off by folding it down and then easing it off of your body. So, make sure you have it where you want it before you start to sweat! And make sure you fold it down before removing it!

Machine Wash and Dry

Body Helix believes that the highest quality compression products can only be made using the highest quality material. Our high tech material likes to be clean, just like you. The closed cell synthetic rubber does not absorb any odors or bacteria, but the outside material can. So, please wash it frequently - every time you wear it if possible. You can wear it right into the shower and wash it with soap and water, wash it in the sink with soap and water, or put it in the washing machine. And, if you are wearing it regularly, make sure you put it in the dryer on medium heat at least once a week, more if you would like. The more you wash it, the longer it will last. So, please wash it regularly.