Patella Helix

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The Patella Helix compression band provides targeted support and compression to the patellar tendon. It is ideal for patellar femoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee) and Osgood-Schlatter Disease.


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Product Uses

The Body Helix Patella Helix is the first of its kind for Osgood-Schlatter Disease (OSD).  While other braces for OSD utilize straps and bulky material over the patellar tendon, we used our high-tech material to design a brace that slips on and stays in place without the need for straps and which provides a targeted compression of the patellar tendon without the bulky “bulge” that does not feel pleasant when you fall on it.  It’s effective, it’s comfortable, your child will want to wear it.  Better yet, you can wash it over and over again.  If you have kids, you don’t need to have that wonderful attribute explained.

This Helix is also perfect for anyone who suffers from runner’s knee or patellar femoral pain syndrome.  The Patella Helix is not just for runners.  It is ideal for anyone who suffers pain underneath and/or to the side of their kneecap. If your kneecap does not track correctly or “wobbles”, targeted pressure just below the kneecap can help to alleviate that movement without the need to wear a sleeve that covers your entire knee joint and without the need to constantly tape around your kneecap.  

The Patellar Helix can also provide warmth and support to the patella tendon for those who suffer from jumper’s knee or patellar tendonitis, ensuring that the tendon stays warm while you exercise.


What is the difference in styles?

The Patella Helix is recommended for Osgood-Schlatter Disease, Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome (runner’s knee), pain behind the kneecap, or patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee).

The Knee Helix is the helix of choice for those who have a minor meniscus injury or an old meniscus injury, mild arthritis, or patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee).

The Adjustable Knee Helix is recommended for those who need support of the entire knee joint but who do not want coverage over the kneecap, or for those who want support to the entire knee joint but not to the muscles above and below the knee joint.

The Full Knee Helix Open is recommended for those people who are experiencing pain behind the knee cap or who have been told by their Dr. that they need a brace with an open patella.  It is the same length as the Full Knee Helix, covering the entire joint plus several inches below and above the knee joint.

The Full Knee Helix is ideal for those who want the simplicity of a compression sleeve that slips on.  It covers the entire knee joint, as well as the tendons and muscles for several inches below and above the knee joint.

If you need more information to help decide which knee Helix is best for you, please read this blog.


Proper fit is important

Please measure the circumference of your knee just below your kneecap, with your leg straight.  Please do not measure your thigh.  Please do not measure across your kneecap.  


Which size should I order if I am in between sizes? 

In general, leaner athletes prefer the smaller size.  All others prefer the larger size.




Customer Reviews

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Debra Collins
Knee pain relief

I was thrilled when I put on the full knee sleeve - I had IMMEDIATE relief from so much of the stiffness - I still have a bone-on-bone condition, however; the Helix knee sleeve keeps my nerves from realizing that they hurt. It doesn't move and it's easy to wash/dry. I would highly recommend their products!

Marie Verderame
Wow - 1000% better

I previously bought your new mask and liked the light weight but something about the material irritated my skin. But the quality was extremely high so when I saw bodyhelix made other products I checked them out. I was recently diagnosed with tendinitis at the patella. I tried three patella straps but the material on each of them was so bulky that I had bruises behind my knee - they were not overly tight but when I sat and my knees were bent the bulk really pressed against the back of the knee. When I saw your patella compression sleeve I had to try it. Wow - 1000% better than the various straps I had purchased. Knee feels good and as an added benefit - it’s thin enough that I can wear it under regular pants without a big bump showing. And no more bruises! I was so happy I ordered 2 more! :pray: Thank you!

Stephen Lunsford
Patella Helix

An amazing product. Very satisfied.


All our compression products have two options available: Max Compression and Ultra Light. What’s the difference?


MAX Compression is what we are known for. It comes in a variety of colors and is slightly thicker at 3.0mm in thickness. MAX excels in preventive support and active injury management alike.


Ultra-Light Compression is slightly thinner at 2.0mm in thickness making it perfect for preventative support. Ultra-Light only comes in the marine blue.

Stretch and Elasticity

We refer to this as Form Fit Technology. Body Helix believes the highest quality compression products can only be made with the highest quality material. We use a high-tech material that has more stretch and more elasticity than any other compression products on the market today. It stretches far more than the human body, allowing for full range of motion of any joint on which it is placed. Just as important, it also has far superior elasticity, allowing it to rebound as fast the joint or muscle and ensuring that it will always remain in contact with your body as you move, no matter how quickly and explosively.

Uniform medical-grade compression

Body Helix believes in form and function. Not only must our products look good, they must provide the most effective level of uniform compression for injury prevention and injury management, because we are committed to the science of keeping athletes active and helping them to Move Through It. We offer two levels of medical-grade compression. Our Max Weight firm medical grade 1 compression at 20-30mmHg and our Ultra-Light 2.0 moderate medical-grade 1 compression at 15-20mmHg. The incredible stretch and elasticity of our high-tech material coupled with our moisture activated adherence means that our compression sleeves do not need straps to keep them in place and can provide you with a uniform compression throughout.

Won't slide down

We refer to this as Moisture Activated Adherence. Body Helix believes that the highest quality compression products can only be made using the highest quality material. In the world of compression gear, any movement of the product means distraction from what is most important - focus and performance. Our proprietary material “locks” to your skin with moisture (sweat) ensuring that it will not slip, it will not slide down, it will not move other than to stretch with your body. You will realize just how “locked” it is the first time you wear it, when you need to take it off by folding it down and then easing it off of your body. So, make sure you have it where you want it before you start to sweat! And make sure you fold it down before removing it!

Machine Wash and Dry

Body Helix believes that the highest quality compression products can only be made using the highest quality material. Our high tech material likes to be clean, just like you. The closed cell synthetic rubber does not absorb any odors or bacteria, but the outside material can. So, please wash it frequently - every time you wear it if possible. You can wear it right into the shower and wash it with soap and water, wash it in the sink with soap and water, or put it in the washing machine. And, if you are wearing it regularly, make sure you put it in the dryer on medium heat at least once a week, more if you would like. The more you wash it, the longer it will last. So, please wash it regularly.