Adjustable Shoulder Helix Compression Sleeve

The Adjustable Shoulder Helix is the ideal shoulder support providing comfortable compression to the shoulder joint, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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Please note that there are many causes of shoulder pain. Please seek medical evaluation for prolonged or severe pain.  A shoulder compression brace may or may not provide benefit depending on the cause of the pain.

The Adjustable Shoulder Helix provides comfortable compression for the entire shoulder including the rotator cuff (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor), biceps, triceps, deltoid, pectoralis tendons as well as the acromioclavicular (AC) joint.  It is ideal for wear after rotator cuff surgery or shoulder replacement surgery.

Because our product stretches more than the human body, there is no restriction of motion and compression is achieved throughout the full range of motion. The Adjustable Shoulder Helix is ideal for sports in which overhead activity is repetitive (e.g a tennis serving, throwing a baseball/softball, hitting a volleyball, swinging a baseball bat or golf club, etc.)

When a shoulder compression brace is advised, the Adjustable Shoulder Helix is the best product available. The latest advances in fabric science allow uniform and comfortable support to the shoulder tendons and ligaments. The Adjustable Shoulder Helix is recommended for pain reduction due to its ability to keep the muscles and tendons warm.




Body Helix's medical-grade compression is in the range of 20- 30 millimeters of mercury (or mmHg in the scientific community.) The higher the number, the more pressure we feel.



Silky-smooth fabric feels good on your skin and won't pinch or bind. Our wraps/sleeves will stay in place due to the unique fabric that acts like an adherent between your skin and the product. You will have a perfect ergonomic fit.



Our closed-cell design prevents the absorption of sweat, odor, and bacteria growth. Our fabrics are machine wash and machine dry. Laundering won't affect the longevity of the material.

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